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What is WordPress Hosting?

What is WordPress Hosting?

What is WordPress hosting?

In the simplest sense, WordPress hosting is definitely hosting which has been optimized to improve meet WordPress’ performance and security needs. It also typically includes one-click WordPress installs so it will be easy to get started doing WordPress. And some WordPress hosts will automatically improve your WordPress software when needed.

There are two main sorts of WordPress hosting – shared WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting. I’ll discuss each in depth below.

Do you need WordPress hosting to run WordPress?

No. WordPress’ minimum requirements are fairly insignificant. All you need is a bunch with PHP version 5.2.4 or better and MySQL 5.0.15 or older to run WordPress. In plain English, therefore that every host is technically that can handle WordPress.

But that doesn’t signify all hosts are equal on the subject of running WordPress. I mean, technically eating Soylent Green daily for the rest of your lifetime will provide you the many nutrition you’ll want to live. But that doesn’t mean it’s the very best recipe for the happy life!

So, in order to go beyond just “hosting a WordPress site”, an excellent WordPress hosting may help you run WordPress better.

Looking into what exactly is WordPress hosting, our sister-site, CodeInWP, ran a survey of WordPress online marketers and found that those web owners who hosted with WordPress-optimized hosts reported better overall satisfaction making use of their host across quite a few metrics.

What is shared WordPress hosting?

As I mentioned, you’ll typically see 2 kinds of WordPress hosting during your search:

Shared WordPress hosting (often just shortened to “WordPress hosting”)
Managed WordPress hosting
Shared WordPress hosting is practically always the cheaper of the two options.

With shared WordPress hosting, your blog will “share” a server along with other websites. Your server it’s still performance-optimized for WordPress, you merely won’t get it all to yourself.

In addition for the performance tweaks, you’ll buy access to some form of a one-click WordPress installer. Honestly, this isn’t a large draw because cPanel (situated on most hosts) already incorporates a one-click WordPress installer. However, some shared WordPress hosts goes a step further and provide the option of pre-installing WordPress.

Finally, some WordPress hosts will offer you to automatically get some new WordPress software. Sometimes they’re going to even update your plugins and themes too! Keeping your WordPress site updated is a vital security measure, causeing this to be feature actually quite important.

You will find some shared WordPress hosts that offer even more WordPress-specific features, however the above are virtually the base standard.

Shared WordPress hosts typically offer steep reduced prices for your first billing cycle. After that, prices jump back to normal. For a billing cycle, you could pay as few as $3-4 monthly. After a cycle, you’ll typically pay from $7-10. Remember – those are merely starting prices – higher tier shared WordPress plans run more costly.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

If shared WordPress hosting is usually a clean 3-star hotel, managed WordPress hosting is often a 5-star resort with beachfront views.

In addition to everything available from shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting typically offers:

Faster speeds. Managed WordPress hosting merely offers better hardware specs, which implies a speedier WordPress site.
Server-side caching. Caching is among the biggest steps to speed your WordPress site. Typically you will need a plugin to deal with it, but managed WordPress hosts present you with better caching with zero work towards your end.
Better security. You’ll get WordPress-specific firewalls, and also regular malware scans and intrusion detection. All that jargon means a substantially more secure WordPress site.
Staging sites. Many managed hosts offer staging sites which permit you to easily test changes in your site prior to them live.
So what’s the issue? Managed WordPress hosting is more expensive. With a few exceptions like SiteGround and Flywheel, you’ll generally should pay in the variety of $25+ every month for quality managed WordPress hosting.

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