What is cPanel – Introduction about cPanel

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  • Introduction
  • Explanation
  • Benefits
  • Files and Databases
  • Domain and Metrics
  • Email Section
  • Web Applications

What is cPanel ?

in this topic we are talking about cPanel, what is cPanel? well before starting it you should know about web hosting. So i’m going to tell you about web hosting in short way. so whenever you make a website or a blog so you have to keep it online, because your content of website/blog should be seen by visitors. visitors can see your content only when it will be available every time. well friends you can host your website or blog by using your own computer, but in that way you’ll face some problems like your computer can shutdown anytime, or your internet connection can give you problems, load shedding is also can cause a big problem for you. Because of these problems your website can’t be available all time. to overcome from these problems some people make data servers and there you won’t face any problem like low internet, shutdown, or load shedding. these data server’s website will provide you some part, where you can easily host files of your website. this is called web hosting.


What is cPanel? explanation

Whenever you purchase web hosting from any website, so there you get a cPanel. Its basically called control panel, it means that from cPanel you can control your website/word press working or any application work or blog.

cPanel Benefits

Whenever you purchase web hosting from any website like Hosters.Pk you get a cPanel which seems to look like

cPanel files and Databases

This is cPanel. it is basically a user interface, where you will get different things which you can check, edit or can change. so let me explain it more briefly to you.

Files and Databases in cPanel


So first thing you can see is file manager. File manager is most important thing in cPanel because your website/blog files are kept in file manager. so let’s go! to see how’s it look like.

inside of file manager

here is a folder which name is public_html. Basically your all files will be kept here.


here you can create data bases, like you can create page of phpMyAdmin or MySQL databases and many options you’ll see there.

Domain and Metrics in cPanel


Here you can add domains and sub-domains and many more.

after it here are different applications about metrics. Like if you wanna analysis your website to check errors, rankings,bandwidth here you can see all things Software and Security in cPanel


You can get many software and security software

Emails in cPanel

You can create professional E-mails for your website

Web Applications

You can get many web applications like word-press, joomla, magento, drupal. These all are software which you can use to create blogs, CMS websites, forums, portals. which you can use through control panel.

Basically when you purchase web hosting you get cPanel which you can use to maintain or keep an eye to your websites, databases.

Some tips

Friends if it is your start in blogging or website so you may go to cheap web hosting plans, the reason behind it is that in start you won’t have many visitors of blogs or burden of website, so in start you should go to cheap web hosting. Every website gives you facility that if you purchase anything from them, so in future you can upgrade it.

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