What Are The Basics Of Dedicated Server | Ultimate Guide

When you start any website, blog, or app, your first decision is to determine How to host the site? And when you are looking to increase the business and scale the number of visitors on your site. You must choose the right server that hosts your website in an effective way.  For this, there are many hosting plans or options available. For instance, virtual private server(VPS), dedicated server, or shared server. But with a dedicated server, however, your site is the only one that will be hosted on the server. Let’s discuss HOW..!

What is a Dedicated Server:

All website needs hosting so that they allow their visitor to view their site. For this, The site’s files are stored on a computer that is permanently online and connect to the Internet. That’s why we need a web server.  A central online server that is used by any individual, organization, or company is called a dedicated server. But you will not share it with another organization or company like shared hosting. All the resources of the server are yours and no other users or organization have access to them. In this way, it increases speed, reliability, and security.

dedicated server

What you  can do With a Dedicated  server:

Spending a lot of money on this server is never a waste. You can do many wonderful things with this. Like,

  • Host your own web analytics service.
  • Unsend or donate it.
  • Host communication sites.
  • Hosting a podcast.
  • Host game server.
  • Host website with high traffic.

Hosters will give you all these service. And give you a dedicated server that can host all these. Especially for an e-commerce site.


Some important benefits of using this server are:

  1. Speed and performance:

When you are not sharing your server resources with another organization this will increase the speed and performance both of the server and site.

2. Security Control:

One of the attractive benefits of this server is its security control is very strong. If you are on the same server with a spammer or malicious website that spread the virus. This will badly affect your security issue of the website. If your server confiscates server hardware due to another incorrect site on the same server, your website may be shut down indefinitely. But a dedicated server will protect you from all these issues.

3. Bandwidth:

Sharing your server means sharing all its resources. For instance, processing, bandwidth, memory, CPU, etc. If another website will also gain more traffic and it may slow down your website. This will help you to make your bandwidth power strong and it only belongs only to you.

4. Reliable Infrastructure:

Due to the physical nature, dedicated servers are kept in the data center. When local power grids fail, these data centers offer redundant power sources to keep the server running and running.

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