Shared hosting is a web hosting service where a single physical server host multiple sites. If you are using this hosting then this server can get access to different features. Like,  disk space, email account, database, FTP account, and monthly traffic. Different companies can share their hosting among the different amounts of users. But, servers of can be shared among hundreds of users. It depends on the hardware and system resources that easily handle millions of users. Because the server of shared hosting plan sites is more powerful than the personal computer.

How shared hosting Work?

For instance, to use any website on the internet we first store it on the internet. In this way, users can get access to the website. The user type URL of any website in the search bar. And the browser use the given address and determine where the site is stored. The browser sends a request to the server about the particular website. After that, the server provides all the important data about the website. And the users will interact with the website. By navigating to different pages and links. Hence, with shared hosting, a server stores all files together for multiple sites and is responsible for providing information about them.

shared hosting

Things to consider while using shared hosting!


Because your website is sharing servers with other websites, it costs less. But all users on the server will share server resources, including storage space. So, must focus on the budget and features that your website needs. To set up your site easily many hosting plans come with a free domain. So, you can easily add email service at a very low cost. Its all features are very reliable. So, if you don’t have enough money to spend on your website. Then shared hosting will be the best option for you.


Server sharing sites do not affect each other’s speed and performance when using shared hosting That gave.  But the speed of this hosting is not very reliable. That most hosting companies gave. It may slow down your website. So, must choose wisely.


Resources are matters a lot . Because if your site gets a lot of traffic, or visitors download a lot of content, or if the script of your site slows down the server. That will cause a problem for others. That’s why we are giving reliable resources to our customers.


Control pannel plays a vital role in shared hosting. It allows you to organize web files, publish websites, and manage domains with great comfort. We are giving you a reliable cpannel that will organize your website smoothly.


Uptime is the amount of time that checks the server hosting your website is currently down and running. We only recommend you to go with a company that offers guaranteed uptime of 99.5%. And gives you all these facilities efficiently.

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