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Control Panel (cPanel)

Control Panel (cPanel)

1.What is: cPanel?

cPanel is really a web based hosting key pad provided by many hosting providers to online marketers allowing them to manage their websites from a net based interface. This program gives users a graphical interface that they can control their portion in the Unix server. The tools provided are built to simplify running and controlling an internet site. It works on the tiered structure which allows different numbers of access. Administrators and owners can control different aspects with the server as well as the website directly through their browser. CPanel is often accessed using https on port 2083 or maybe by adding “/cpanel” towards the end in the host name. Depending on the hosting provider the cPanel will usually have some almost auto installer or package focused on content management systems like WordPress.

With WordPress installed, an end user can us cPanel to deal with the features provided by their WordPress hosting plan. Some of these popular features would be the ability to regulate databases, domains, mail accounts, and back ups. Software like cpanel, causes it to become extremely feasible for users to regulate their hosting with little if any technical familiarity with web hosting automatically without breaking anything.

2.What is cPanel Hosting?

cPanel hosting is basically Linux hosting which includes investing in cPanel. cPanel has its own pros and cons, nevertheless it works virtually in the most cases and creates a sensible choice when you’re searching for a control panel solution. Here’s what is available:


Easy to learn
Easy to use
Saves some time and money
Tried and tested
Includes software auto installers
Plenty of tutorials/support available online


Number of features might be overwhelming
Relatively very easy to accidentally change important settings
Some hosts run outdated software
Can will cost more and is rarely offered with free hosting

3.Alternatives to cPanel

There are thousands of options to cPanel around, and furthermore, as every hosting provider takes a different approach, you’ll ought to check with each potential host to obtain an idea of what cp solutions they’re using.

Here at Hostinger, we have now developed our personal custom cpanel, that is available with all web hosting service plans. It shares a couple of similarities with cPanel and allows us be more flexible while adapting to the needs of our users.

However, cPanel hosting can also be something that you will get at our sister company Hosting24. Annual and longer plans will include a free website name, so you can get each of the ingredients to write a website on the Internet which has a single purchase!

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter whether you utilize cPanel or even an alternative, given that you’re in a position to accomplish what you would like. If you need your key pad to do something specific then double consult the provider.

4.cPanel Tutorial: How to Use cPanel

Different cPanel installations include cool features, though the good news is it’s pretty very easy to browse around and get to know all of the different sections. When you first join, you’ll end up watching some metrics that log your resource usage (for instance your CPU usage, your available space for storing, as well as your memory usage). These can offer you a useful method of keeping an eye on your website’s functionality.

Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the website’s performance, it’s time and energy to take a look at the several modules. We’ve provided a summary of the most typical cPanel modules below.

File Modules:
cPanel file management features

These modules enable you to directly upload and manage files from the inside cPanel while not having to use an FTP client. You can also specify privacy levels, make backups and much more. Common modules include:

Backup Wizard
Directory Privacy
Disk Usage
File Manager
FTP Accounts
FTP Connections
Web Disk

cPanel customization and preference features

This is to try and customize the layout of your respective cPanel installation making it better meet your needs. Common modules include:

Change Language
Change Main Domain
Getting Started Wizard
Manage Resources
Update Contact Info
Video Tutorials

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