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5 Tech Your Business is Not Taking Full Advantage Of

5 Tech Your Business is Not Taking Full Advantage Of

Keeping up with new and emerging technology is important to keep your business relevant and successful. There is always something new coming out, and many of these technologies can help make your business run more efficiently. Here are four technologies your business isn’t taking full advantage of.

Cloud-based Services

Using cloud-based services means you don’t have to worry about keeping a lot of hardware or software on-site. This minimizes security risks and increases efficiency. You can have unlimited storage, IT support at the click of a button, easy expansion when needed, and flexibility with data options. You can also collaborate easier by giving users access to centralized data locations.

Data Security

Data is as valuable as gold these days, and there are always hackers and scammers trying to illegally acquire it. Data breaches can hurt the integrity of your business and sever the trust of your clients. Data breaches can also leave your business open to damaging lawsuits. Data security is even more important if you haven’t embraced cloud-based services. These services usually have data security, but if you keep all of your data on site you’ll need your own.

Point-of-Sale System

There was a time when electronic cash registers were king. However, cash registers are a thing of the past, and point-of-sale systems (POS) are now the most efficient way to run a business. Here are a few benefits of a POS system:

  • Better and more detailed inventory control
  • A bigger variety of reports with a lot more customization options
  • Timekeeping management for employees
  • Ability to automatically calculate and keep up with individual people’s sales for commission purposes or other reasons

Live Chat Services or Chatbots

Positive relationships with your clients are what keeps you in business. Calling in and holding for long wait times and/or talking to someone with language/accent barriers is one of the biggest complaints that clients have about customer service. Another one is going through endless automated menus and never getting a solution to their problem. These problems can easily be avoided by adding chatbots or a live chat feature to your business’s website.

Dedicated Server

When you have a dedicated server you get an entire server for your exclusive use. You have a full server’s worth of CPU or RAM and bandwidth to use, which means that your site’s speed will remain high even during peak times of the day when other sites get bogged down with traffic. Since it is your own server, you can configure it any way you want and add whatever software you see fit to manage your site and business. You also will better be able to keep your data secured because it is separated from other sites.

Wrapping Up

With the rate that technology is evolving, businesses either have to evolve with it or drown. Clients are very savvy with technology and naturally expect businesses to be the same way. The four technologies listed above are a great start to benefiting from the efficiency of modern, technology-driven business practices.


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